Anxiety, pandemic and natal moon

I read today a good phrase from one competent psychiatrist that everyone who found themselves in today’s situation included children’s behavior.


This is true, and it concerns really everyone, not just people with certain psychological problems, which I noticed from the first days of quarantine. Everyone was in a situation of an abandoned (forgotten) child. Exceptions are only those who fulfill their professional duties related to social contacts (the same doctors) and those in whose countries and regions the quarantine regime is not introduced or it is very conditional, which has not changed the usual way of life. This is not about millions, but about billions of people. The situation is truly unprecedented, not only for the current generations, but also for the past 2-3 (the post-war “Spaniard” is remembered only by books). No matter how we evaluate the appropriateness and effectiveness of government measures, but we all:

a) socially isolated (including from relatives, especially older ones)

b) severely limited in movement (nowhere to run)

c) every day (or 100 times a day) we get emotionally colored information that this is so everywhere, but somewhere much worse, but it will inevitably happen to us, we will all die, the world is crumbling.

All this created the psychological reality of children abandoned and locked in a dangerous place and knowing that there are no safe places in this universe. We have a gigantic experimental site for the study of the natal moon in the meaning that is responsible for children’s reactions and behaviors.

Further – my observations and careful advice.

Anxiety-panic disorders in varying degrees of severity are already a familiar picture. Can a few phrases help a huge number of people? Not sure, but it’s worth trying to evaluate the picture from an astrological point of view.

Yes, I know that one tablet does not exist at all, as well as one advice to all owners of the Moon in one or another sign to give seriously seriously incorrectly. But general patterns can be distinguished.

Firstly, “bad” natal moons (Capricorn, first of all, and Scorpio) react without any serious incidental lesions to the situation better. From birth, they “know” that the world around them is hostile, have long adapted to this, and they are not all so keenly experienced (someone is generally completely calm).

Secondly, in the current and somewhat similar situations, the strongest planets and related behavioral patterns are reflexively included (I take people who are relatively healthy). We do what we love, know how, and what we do best (in different combinations). We do not know why we are doing this, but we are better off from this, this is our defense.

All this, of course, adjusted for age, education, the experience of experiencing “adult” crises and extreme situations, and childhood traumatic experience (crowded out, first of all). Someone can cover so that no moons and suns can appear. Context, as I wrote earlier, is the king of not only forecasting, but also natal analysis. The picture with the natal chart is not all.

What is the rationale in the above? What to do if anxiety is clearly getting in the way and is already seriously worried?

You can’t move the moon in the natal, but if we are not completely covered and we can control something, it makes sense to look at the strengths of your horoscope. In other words, how to neutralize the manifestations of the moon, which gives destructive impulses, and how to reduce the influence of the repressed traumatic experience?

In addition to general psychological recommendations – focusing on “here and now” and simple actions aimed at supporting tomorrow’s life (the same cleaning or repair of something) – we are quite able to get out of a state of painful, destructive anxiety classes that correspond to our strong planets, their house regulations and aspects. I will definitely note here – simple actions. You should not rise into high psychologisms and into something completely divorced from reality. For some, it will be delicious and beautiful food prepared with their own hands, for some, compiling the same music playlists or classes in a foreign language. Remember – here and now, aimed at the near future and that gives a quick visible result. What you can count, touch, smell and eat, for which points are awarded, which leads to physical fatigue (exercise, training), which changes the visual appearance of the interior, what we do with our own hands and brains (embroidery, creating our own website on the Internet, making a list of really necessary purchases on Amazon) and so on.

All this is guaranteed to work for those people with whom I have the opportunity to communicate, including myself. Someone includes these saving patterns intuitively, unconsciously, but someone is much worse now and painful anxiety is beginning to undermine the psyche. These people will certainly not be amiss to recall their natal and begin to pull themselves out, like Baron Munchausen. To do this, you do not need to know astrology at a professional level. At least try it yourself, it works.


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