Do you think that getting rich in 2020 is unrealistic in the difficult conditions of the economic crisis and self-isolation? Yes, maybe now is not the best time to start a new business. But then there is the opportunity to do analysis and preparation for a successful start in the near future.

About every 13 years, the heyday and progress that Jupiter brings comes in conjunction with empowerment and catharsis – the properties of Pluto.

Pluto personifies powerful forces, political power, wealth, power structures, globalism. Since Pluto is the lord of the underworld, these forces try not to shine (shadow economy, mafia, oligarchy, world leadership). Jupiter is known as a beneficiary (it gives us good things). Jupiter is a planet of great expectations and represents growth and expansion. Stimulates, promotes, nurtures, expands. Jupiter tends to increase the energy of the planet with which it interacts, in this case, with the qualities and tendencies inherent in Pluto. This is a powerful force for change! The conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto initiates in-depth growth, will give the opportunity to get to the root of the problems that arise, to determine what exactly really matters in our lives. We will be able to see new opportunities, determine how to overcome difficulties, and face what we had to get rid of during the last year before the start of a new cycle. Since the conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto takes place in Capricorn, they will be subject to the influence of a slow and steady Saturn, initiating trials that humble the excess and generous nature of Jupiter. Passing through the sign of Capricorn Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will give us lessons of maturity and responsibility, helping to accept the natural cyclical changes in our lives.

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