Lunar calendar for May 2020: favorable and unfavorable days

The lunar month lasts from the new moon to the new moon and consists of 30 days. Astrologers believe that among them are favorable and unfavorable.
An astrological lunar calendar was compiled for May 2020. Astrologers believe that, depending on the phases of the moon and its location in the sky, there are more favorable days, and there are less.
On auspicious days, it is advised to start new business and make decisions. Favorable days are considered when aspects of 60 or 120 degrees are formed between the Sun and the Moon.
The most favorable days in May are: May 1, 5, 12-13, 24-29.

The lunar month is counted from the new moon to the new moon and consists of 29-30 days. It is based on the length of 1 day and the proximity of the moon to the horizon during the new moon.
Lunar phases in May 2020:
New Moon – May 22 at 20 hours 39 minutes.
The full moon – May 7 at 13 hours 45 minutes.
The growing moon from 1 to 6, from 23 to 31 may 2020.
Waning Crescent Moon from 8 to 21 may 2020.



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