Planetary Gem Analysis

To understand how to strengthen one’s horoscope and thereby increase one’s happiness and abilities in this life, it is essential to understand about the remedial measures that can mitigate or nullify all negative karmic tendencies and events. These measures include the blessings of true saints, prayer, wisdom directed willpower, yoga meditation, pujas, and the wearing of gems. Gems are unique in the list on account of the fact that no will power is involved in attaining the benefit of them.

In Ancient India the rishis considered the nine gem bangle (navaratna) to be the most effective “crown” of vibratory crystal talismans for greatly strengthening ones aura and thwarting negative circumstances. Your astrological chart is a reflection of your electromagnetic pattern and this horoscope will provide a customized formula for which gems can counteract your weakened receptivity to the beneficial essential planetary radiations. The emailed explanation will list which gems are the most helpful to wear down to the gems that are not as important along with the relevance of the areas of your life that they will influence.

A good Vedic astrologer will be most interested in giving information that can help counteract negative situations in your life and strengthen the magnetism for beneficial karmic returns as well. We hired a brilliant Vedic astrologer to build an extensive program using his years of observing how these navaratna gem amulets have created a positive shift in people’s lives. The result is a highly accurate astrological reading and gem analysis, more accurate than a normal astrologer could do in a reasonable amount of time, because it’s able to take into account a far greater amount of planetary combinations (yogas).