Solar Eclipse June 21, 2020: Impact and Dangers

In June 2020, a solar eclipse coincides with the summer equinox and the new moon. It will bring positive changes in life.
An annular eclipse will take place in the first summer month of 2020. It will be best seen near the equator and will be held at 9:40 Kiev time.
Astrologers note that this eclipse is unique and can help people in solving their life problems. This astronomical event coincides with the day of the summer equinox and the new moon.
Compilers of astrological forecasts and lunar calendars believe that the eclipse will bring positive changes in life. To do this, it is worth being active and starting new business, relying on your skills and intuition.
On the day of the solar eclipse, it is advised to look for like-minded people and even your soul mate.
At the same time, astrologers warn that in dealing with loved ones do not make hasty conclusions and make important decisions. They advise to control emotions as much as possible throughout June. At the same time, Capricorn, Libra, Aries and Crayfish are supposedly waiting for fateful changes.
According to the forecasts of people born under these zodiac signs, a life turn in the “opposite direction” from the course now planned is expected.

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