Which gemstones do you need?

Having been serving the astrological market and general public for over 12 years, our staff has been constantly researching how to improve gem recommendations and the effectiveness between gem varieties and their horoscopes. Our research has shown that the most expensive approach is not necessarily the best approach and that there are many ways to save money on gems without breaking the bank. We have developed what is recognized as the crown of remedial gem instruments into an affordable, effective, and comfortable tool for great karmic improvement.

After an individual has received their Vedic nine gem planetary horoscope, they can analyze a range of purchase options by viewing the cost of gem bangles page. Then they can decide if they want to get just a few or all of the gems at once. Often clients purchase just the three most important priority gems (triratna) and wait for a better-padded budget to proceed with the complete navaratna. We also offer a unique service in that we sell uncut gems as well as faceted gems and we will refund a gem for the full price if the client wants to upgrade that planetary gem at a later date.

You may also want a complete reading from a Vedic astrologer. Each of the practitioners I work with has a unique approach. Because of this fact, their recommendations are not always identical, however their motives are unified and each hopes to assist in the growth of the individual whose chart is being studied. I would be happy to supply you with the names of Vedic astrologers whom I believe to be competent.

Self-analysis is also a valuable tool in this regard. Since each gem has a corresponding power to offset specific conditions in the body as well as harmonize general planetary energies, you may first want to investigate which problems or conditions seem especially evident in your life and discuss purchasing the stone(s) that seem specifically designed tosilver crystal healing nine gem bangle

Over the years I have developed a very well-received system of selling, in terms of financial consideration, the less expensive stones in a good counterbalancing system. Extensive research and experience has earned highly enthusiastic feedback to my lowered initial cost multi-gem approach.

Size and shape of gems

After determining the gems you need (and I ultimately recommend the full navaratna to maximize the synergistic power of the jewelry) you will need to determine the size of the gems you require. There are several reasons for this. In India there are various different ways for recommending gems and the recommendations often depend on whom one consults. In India it is common for an astrologer to recommend a person just wear one single stone.

This does not mean that the gems won’t benefit you, but why take just one vitamin when several will be much more beneficial? Often I witness an unrealistic expectation on behalf of the client who just wants one gem. Gems have limitations and it is prudent to maximize the electromagnetic rainbow of frequencies.

A hundred years ago this would have been very cost prohibitive. But in this day of better trained geologists, excavators and mining technology, the gemstone availability is becoming more and more widespread. Hence what was a crown fit for kings in medieval times is now quite affordable to an affluent or ambitious citizen.

The size of gemstones is measured in carats. Five carats equal one gram. A carat is a unit of weight, not to be confused with karat, which is a grading measurement for gold purity. Gemstone dimensions are measured in millimeters. Gems may appear larger or smaller, but because of the varied specific gravity characteristics, to the lay person their appearance and physical dimensions do not accurately indicate their weight.

Vedic astrologers usually recommend at least a two to four carat gem, depending on the quality of the material and the degree of planetary affliction on the individual’s chart. If lower quality and less expensive substitute material is to be purchased, larger stones are often recommended. I would like to add that though substitutes may give some satisfaction to people, personally I am dubious that they have the influence to significantly mitigate a significant amount of negative karma.